Facebook censored a 30,000-year-old sculpture as “pornographic”

Facebook censored a 30,000-year-old sculpture for “pornographic” reasons

We have already heard of multiple cases related to art censorship on Facebook after its algorithm classified them as inappropriate content.

The latest art work deemed “pornographic” is the Venus of Willendorf, a famous sculpture of more than 30,000 years of antiquity.

According to a report by The Art Newspaper , a Facebook user known as Laura Ghianda shared a photo of the said art work that depicts a naked woman with prominent labia. The art is part of the Naturhistorisches History Museum (NHM) collection in Vienna.

30,000-year-old sculpture

To Ghianda’s surprise, the image was removed by Facebook and considered as “pornographic”.

Ghianda, who calls herself an “artivist” (half artist half activist), mentioned that she tried to appeal the decisions four times but did not succeed, so she decided to start a campaign that has been causing many reactions. Her post denouncing Facebook’s censorship in December last year has already been shared on more than seven thousand times.


Even the Director of the Museum of Natural History came out to comment on the subject: “We have never had a complaint from visitors related to the nudity of the sculpture. There is no reason to cover the Venus of Willendorf and hide her nakedness, neither in the museum nor in social networks. ”

It is a statue from Stone Age, found in 1908 near Willendorf, Austria and is considered a symbol of fertility. It is a piece carved in Paleolithic limestone of 10.5 centimeters high, 5.7 wide and 4.5 of thickness with 15 centimeters in circumference.