Donald Trump will meet with video game companies to find solutions to shootings

On February 14, a shooting took place in a school in the city of Parkland, Florida, which left almost 20 dead. The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is looking for a solution to prevent a similar tragedy from happening again, and among his plans is to debate with videogame companies about their violent games.

Days after the shooting Trump said, during a press conference, that they should do something to control what the children are watching and how they are watching: “including video games. Every time I hear more people say that the level of violence in video games is helping to shape the minds and ideas of more and more people. ” However, as reported by the New York Times , experts say there is no evidence to claim that video games make people violent.

According to journalist Peter Alexander, an NBC correspondent on Twitter , Trump plans to meet executives from videogame companies next week to “discuss the safety of our schools.” It is unknown what will be the proposals to debate.
Recently, the governor of the state of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, also blamed video games for being partly responsible for the massive shootings like the one in Florida and others that have taken place over the past few years.


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