Drunk man sleeps in an Uber, wakes up in another state and pays more than $1,000 fare

A drunken New Jersey guy was in Morgantown, West Virginia, last Friday. So he called a Uber to take him home. Kenny Bachman said he thought he was heading back to where he was staying during his trip, near the University of West Virginia campus. However, the driver was taking Bachman back to his home in Gloucester County, New Jersey.
The 402-kilometer trip cost Bachman US $ 1,635.93 (about ), according to NJ.com news. Bachman apparently did not sleep the entire trip, made in a Toyota Sienna minivan.

Bachman told NJ.com that he woke up after two hours. At the moment, he was an hour from New Jersey.

Mr Bachman said when he woke up in the car he did not know where he was — or how he got there.

Mr Bachman

“I was just like … ‘That’s crazy. Like, why did you agree to, like, take me to New Jersey from West Virginia?’” he told reporters.

He then introduced himself to his fate: “What am I doing? Should I get out of the car here on that side of the road? “Bachman told NJ.com. “Afterwards I had it fully sink in,” Bachman said. “Once the ride ended and I saw how much it was when I was like ‘Alright, this is insane, that’s just crazy.” The fact is that Bachman accidentally ordered a Uber XL (Uber category for big cars in the US) instead of a Uber X. According to NJ.com , the tariff would have been $ 819.14 (reservation fee: $ 2 , 35, base rate: $ 3.94, time: $ 115.90, distance: $ 696.95), if he had requested the cheapest mode of the platform.

When realizing his mistake, Bachman apparently did not get angry with the driver. He said he paid for a ride back to West Virginia. Besides, he gave the driver five stars.

Bachman told NJ.com that he will contest the amount charged by Uber, because at no time did he put the address of his house. “Obviously I would not ask Uber to send me home because I knew where I was,” he said.

Asked by Gizmodo, Uber said that the driver took Bachman to the destination that was requested. The company has been in contact with Bachman and our drunken friend has agreed to pay for the trip. The company only declined to detail the total costs of the ride.

The Uber application allows users to save their home address to make it easier to indicate a destination. In addition, the app shows the most recent addresses used when any customer requests a ride. Although I don’t know what Bachman selected while he was drunk, it seems like all of this was a very easy mistake to make.


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