This supermarket only sells products from startups

Germany is full of supermarkets with new and different concepts. This is just one of them with a unique idea. It’s called KaDeTe and will market products that are produced by young brands and startups.

The physical marketplace will give young brands and companies an opportunity to engage consumers and buyers.

According to Retail Detail , it will be possible for consumers to test new products and conduct surveys that will be shared with the startups and their potential partners.

More than 200 food retailers have already signed up to have their spaces in the supermarket. The founders of the supermarket came up with the idea after they had problems getting their own locally made drinks into stores and bars. That experience served as an inspiration for KaDeTe’s creation.

“We quickly came up with the idea not only to create a dedicated store for new products, but also to help start-ups with market research to gain important insights about their product in order to build up credibility for investment or listing related negotiations”, founders Franziska Schetter and Ola Klöckner said.

The space will open on March 17 at the Wilmersdorfer Arcaden shopping center in Berlin.


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