‘Emoji: The movie’ wins a worst movie award

Emoji: The Movie

Today we have confirmed that having the poop emoji as a central character in a movie brings bad luck. Emoji: The movie has won one of Hollywood’s most famous awards: the Razzie for worst movie. The prize was awarded to the worst films, actors, directors or screenwriters, among others, of the year.

It is the first time in 38 years that an animated film has won the worst movie award, according to the Associated Press . The Razzie Awards try to imitate the Oscar agenda, so they always announce the result one day before the main award. In addition to winning the Razzie for worst movie, Emoji: The movie also took Razzies for worst screenplay, worst director, and worst screen combo, which was given to “any two obnoxious emojis” from the movie.

The Razzie Awards (also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards) were founded more than three decades ago by John Wilson. The founder explains that he came up with the idea for the awards during a party he had for the Oscars. As the party started at 5pm and lasted until 9am, Wilson said he needed to find something to entertain his guests. The idea? Take out a cardboard podium and encourage people to nominate the worst movie of the year.

“It’s about taking Hollywood’s favorite activity, which is to congratulate yourself, and do the opposite, ” Wilson said . “It’s our reminder that yes, you made films like The doubt, The curious case of Benjamin Button or Who wants to be a millionaire? but you also made The Guru of Good Vibes, Caught in a Pirado or Indiana Jones 4 “.

According to the organization, prizes are awarded through the vote of more than 1,000 Razzie members in 27 countries and each state in the United States, except Montana.

This is the complete list of winners :

  1. Worst movie: Emoji: The movie
  2. Worst actress: Tyler Perry for Boo! 2: A Medea Halloween
  3. Worst actor: Tom Cruise for The Mummy
  4. Worst supporting actor: Mel Gibson for Guerra de papás 2
  5. Worst supporting actress: Kim Basinger for Fifty Darker Leftovers
  6. Worst screen combo: Emoji: The movie
  7. Worst remake, rip-off or sequel: Fifty darker leftovers
  8. Worst director: Anthony (Tony) Leonidis for Emoji: The movie
  9. Worst script: Emoji: The movie

It may be surprising to see respected actors (it depends who you ask) on the Razzie Awards list. However, it is not the first Cruise has won Razzie. He has three Oscar nominations and has not won any. But he has won two Razzies. The last Razzie he won with Brad Pitt for being the worst couple on the big screen in Interview with a vampire .


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