Google launches Song Maker, a new tool for anyone to create original music

Image: Google Song Maker screenshot

It is said that everyone can create music (whether it is good or not) and apparently, Google agrees. The company has launched a new application called Google Song Maker, a tool that allows anyone to create melodies from their browser in an easy and fun way.

Google Song Maker is a music sequencer that allows the user to create music using their voice or the computer mouse. It is the latest product from Chrome Music Lab, an initiative whose goal is to make music learning more affordable . The initiative focuses on “experiments”, or different applications that allow users to explore sounds, rhythms or melodies.

As we mentioned earlier, Song Maker can be used with voice or mouse. You simply choose the notes, each of which has a different color, that you want in your song. If you do not want to insert the notes by hand, you can sing the notes you want in the song. The application will convert what you sang into musical notes in the program. If you have a synthesizer keyboard, you can use it with the application.

In addition, you can also choose from a variety of instruments, such as the piano, wind instruments, synthesizer or marimba, among others. There is a rhythm section that allows you to add drum sounds to your song.

When you finish the production, Song Maker provides you with a link so you can share your masterpiece with the rest of the world.

Song Maker is not the only fun app in the Chrome Music Lab. Kandinsky, for example, turns your drawings into music. On the other hand, Spectrogram allows you to analyze the different frequencies of musical sounds and also your own sound.


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