70-story building made of wood will attract birds and insects

Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry has announced the construction of a 70-story hybrid building, built with steel and wood in Tokyo, the nation’s capital.

The urban housing projects of the future are green and hybrid and aim to bring green back to most buildings in the country. The building will be 90% wood and only 10% steel. 

According to the designers, the building will attract birds and insects. It will have 455 thousand square meters and 350 meters of height in 70 floors. The idea is to not only attract the surrounding nature, but also include offices, shops, hotels and residential apartments. The building will be surrounded by balconies and open areas with plants and trees. The construction company guarantees that the building will be fully prepared against fires and earthquakes.

Since 2010 a law in Japan mandates that all government buildings with up to three floors be made of wood. The new Sumitomo Forestry building will only be ready by 2041. The cost will be double that of a traditional construction in current technology.


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