Android P will let you block calls from telemarketers and unknown numbers

With Android P, users can choose to receive fewer unwanted calls, according to XDA Developer.

As revealed in a new set of commits in the AOSP code, Android would include a factory tool that lets users automatically block potentially unwanted calls.

Screenshot: XDA

Specifically, you can choose to block calls from numbers that are not in your contact list, callers with hidden numbers, phone booth numbers or calls from telemarketers.
This will be an interesting addition to Android. Although there are some free call blocking apps on the Play Store that are quite reliable, that is if they are not showing you annoying ads or not doing anything with your call history, 

Before now, user could block calls on a per-number basis. The particular number you wish to block must be added manually, which means you basically can only block calls from selected numbers after-the-fact. With Android P, however, users can restrict who is allowed to call them so they will never be bothered by unwanted phone calls.

Screenshot: XDA

Hard hand against telephone spam

Android P continues to emphasize privacy and security by adding factory protection against phone spam, which will come as an option. From the phone settings you can choose which categories of calls you want to block:

  • Phone numbers that are not in your contact list
  • Private numbers
  • Calls coming from a pay phone
  • Unique numbers used by service providers and telemarketers

According to XDA, you can decide what you want to block but the system will be automatically deactivated after you make an emergency call. This means emergency services which usually use special numbers that could be blocked, will be able to contact you. after you first contact them.

Now, keep in mind that this feature hasn’t actually been merged in AOSP yet. That means it isn’t confirmed to ship with Android P yet, but it’s very likely that it will be. A Googler reviewing the patch states that they are “very much in favor of this change as a whole” so it will likely be merged soon. It may not show up in the first Android P Developer Preview, but as we’ve seen with the Android Oreo Developer Previews, it’s still possible for new features to be added even if the initial preview drops before the commits are merged.


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