Google launch job search to help job seekers in Nigeria

Google has announced a new job search experience to help job seekers in Nigeria.

According to a recent report from Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, the number of Nigerians that became unemployed rose from about 8 million in 2015 to 15 million in 2017. So, to make their contribution towards matching job seekers with jobs and taking steps to tackle the skills gap, Google has created a its  own job platform for Nigerian job seekers.

When using Google’s job platform, you’d get a streamlined experience that lets you explore, research and find relevant/local job postings.

According to Miss Techy , when you search for a job on Google, let’s say, social media manager jobs in Lagos: You will be able to view at-a-glance details about the posting such as job title, location, whether it’s full-time, part-time or an internship. You can even select a particular company, say, Channels Television, and apply on the go!

That is not all, using Google Maps integration, job seekers can search for jobs any place they can find on the map, and if they’re signed in, they can see how long it would take to commute to the job from home.

One of my favorite features is the ability to enable personalized alerts for different job query.

Miss Techy reports that Google is partnering with top job sites in the country to create this. They’ve invited (and are inviting) all job sites, platforms and employers — big and small — to integrate with them and make their jobs eligible to display in the new job search experience. With Google’s newly released open documentation, any jobs provider is able to integrate its content through open structured web markup standards Google supports.

To optimize the feature and make it more useful, Google is working with a broad and growing cross-section of partners, such as the Federal Government, Jobberman, NGCareers, MyJobMag and other job resource websites in Nigeria. These collaborations ensure Google is able to present job postings content accurately, as soon as it is posted, to exactly the people that will find it most relevant.


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