Skype now optimized for devices with older versions of Android

Skype now optimized for devices with older versions of Android

Microsoft has just annouced the release of an updated version of Skype optimized for smartphones with older versions of Android’s operating system. Smartphones with Android operating system between 4.0.3 and 5.1, will be able to download this version of Skype.

According to Microsoft, the new version “is lighter on both disk and memory consumption”, adding that it’s users will see a much faster Skype, in addition to getting better audio and video quality from low-end devices. 


Microsoft also noted that this version improves Skpe’s performance in areas where the signal is poor.

Microsoft also said users allover the world will have access to this version in the coming days, noting it will soon be available on Google Play store.

This wider rollout will make Skype available to a large number of people who want the to make video and audio calls but have older versions of Android.

According to the Redmond company, last year Skype was downloaded more than ten million times from the Google Play store. And was rated as one of the video video calling app on Google Play.


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