Vivo APEX: the ‘full screen’ concept with retractable selfie camera will come true in the second half of the year

The Vivo APEX, a smartphone concept that takes the screen-to-body ratio to a whole new level and debuts a retractable selfie camera.

The device was presented as a concept, but it seems that it will finally become a reality as Vivo has confirmed that the smartphone will enter its mass production phase in the middle of this year.

The trend of reducing frames is not new, we have been seeing brands trying to deliver the full screen experience by reducing frames, a perfect way to increase screen size without altering the phone’s size. However, reducing frames significantly is a big problem, one is the location of the fingerprint scanner and the other is the front camera.

Fortunately, Vivo has found a solution to both problems by showing the first smartphone equipped with under-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up selfie camera.

The Vivo APEX offers a screen-to-body ratio of nothing less than 91% and powered by Snapdragon 845 chipset. If we go into details, the top and sides edge measure 1.4 millimeters, while the bottom edge is a little wider, 4.3 millimeters. By the way, the screen measures 5.99 inches diagonally and will be of OLED type, an essential point for the integrated fingerprint scanner to work under it.

With respect to sound, Vivo APEX will use a system called Screen Sound Casting Technology that transforms the screen into a loudspeaker by sending vibrations through it, something that reminds us of the idea of ​​Bending Wave, the start-up that Google bought recently.
Source: ITHome