Facebook is testing a new type of status update: Voice Clip (voice messages)

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Not happy with text status updates, photos, videos, live video, check-ins and others, Facebook is now testing voice messages.

Zuckerberg’s social network confirmed to Techcrunch that it is testing this feature. At the moment it is doing it with a small group of users from India and the user who discovered it for the first time was  Abhishek Saxena.

Screenshot: Abhishek Saxena/Techcrunch

According to the Facebook spokesperson, “we are always working to help people share and connect with their friends and family on Facebook in ways that are authentic to them. Voice Clip gives people a new way to express themselves.”

The use of Voice Clips is very simple, in a status update they select “Add Voice Clip” (something like Add a Voice Message) and of course the first time they must authorize the application to use the microphone. While recording a Voice Clip you will see a waveform display.

For the little is known so far, Voice Clips have no time limit, it is not sent immediately, the user can listen to your recording before sending it. What they can not do is edit it. If you need to modify a part, you must record the whole thing again.

When you play a Voice Clip , it is treated like videos, so if you close the app, the voice clip playback stops.

So probably in the nearest future, this feature will be made available to all users, that is if the test is succesful.


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