KViHotel is the first hotel in Europe controlled by guests via the mobile app

A few hours ago in Budapest, Hungary, there was the inauguration of the 4 star hotel, KViHotel. This hotel, which has 40 rooms, is the first in Europe that is controlled by the guests’ smartphone via a mobile app called TMRW Hotels, from reservations, to departures.

The KViHotel is located at 32 Nyár, Budapest and thanks to this app it will work with very little staff. Guests can book a room through the TMRW Hotels application up to 48 hours in advance and can even choose the floor and room they prefer, of course and of course the availability of it.

When they arrive at the hotel, they only go to their rooms and through Bluetooth connection, the application can open the door of the room, so they do not need to carry cards or keys to open the door. If any of the guests thinks they are arriving too late at night, the app is also responsible for opening the main entrance door to the hotel, which for security closes at night.

Guests also, through TMRW Hotels on their smartphone can control the temperature of the room (cold or hot) before they arrive.

Ahh and if you need towels, cleaning service or something else, the application will also allow you to get them and even set up a light sign on the door that says “Do Not Disturb”.

When paying at KViHotel, it is also done via the app with a credit or debit card and soon by Paypal. They can also use the app if they need to request a taxi to go to the airport or anywhere else they need to go. Also if you come from another country and your phone service provider does not cover this city or is extremely expensive outside your country or do not want to spend your data plan, no problems. The hotel has free broadband Wi-Fi available.

The TMRW Hotels virtual customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, guests can also access the hotel’s tele-operator service through other platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage and others.

Leaving aside the experience of the guests, the TMRW Hotels app greatly helps the operation of the KViHotel hotel, since it organizes and optimizes room services. The algorithm of the app gives priority to rooms that are reserved for new guests, immediately after the previous guest leaves.

According to the owners, Guests can book 3 types of rooms that can have between 18 and 36 square meters: Superior, Deluxe and Each room consists of a three-layer glass incorporated in the wall, which together with the lighting creates a unique atmosphere. 

While the KViHotel is located in one of the most bustling districts of Budapest, relaxation and comfort are guaranteed by excellent soundproofing and a quiet park near the hotel.

[Via: Technology News ]


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