More features for Instagram: the social network will have its own portrait mode and will allow you to download your photos

Instagram is constantly adding new features and things for users to do on the social network. Now it is preparing to add new features, from a “portrait mode” for selfies to the possibility of downloading your photos and all your data, if you wish, among others.

The social network, owned by Facebook, is working on a new portrait mode for photos that will simulate the effect that mobile phones such as Google Pixel, the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and others have incorporated directly into their cameras. The feature would use an artificial intelligence system to create portraits by blurring secondary objects in the photo, and it will be available only for Instagram stories.

The new feature was discovered when analyzing the code of the Android application

Image: Techcrunch.

In WaBetaInfo they have also discovered that the app will allow all user download data via email. These include the photos you have uploaded to the social network, your profile data, information and more. All data will be sent to the email associated with your account

Image: WaBetaInfo.

Finally, the app will incorporate a new function to star private conversations in direct messages, as favourites in this section, or divide the messages between read and unread.

Image: WaBetaInfo.

Previously it was also leaked that Instagram is working on incorporating voice calls and video calls to the app, so it seems that the social network is about to be renewed in style with messaging functions.



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