Flippy, the first burger-flipping robot to get a job at a California restaurant has been forced to take a break after its first day of work. 

Reason? The robotic arm of Miso Robotics, which had been hired by a Cali Burger outlet to prepare “up to 300 burgers per hour,” proved to be too slow.

The good guy from Flippy started working earlier this week at the outlet in Pasadena, replacing several human chefs. The rest of the hamburger employees had received special training to help the robot keep up with the orders. Only one day later, Flippy had to be withdrawn because he could not cope with the demand.
It is believed that the media report about the robotic chef generated more interest and orders than the restaurant could handle. According to BBC News, now Flippy is offline for now with a sign that reads: cooking soon. In a statement, Miso Robotics explained that Flippy will have to be updated with a new code that will enable it cook faster during rush hour.


For its part, Cali Burger said that the kitchen staff would have to learn to “coordinate” their movements with the robotic arm so that the process works smoothly. Despite the initial failure, the California burger chain justifies hiring the robot as a solution to the problem of staff turnover:

The high turnover of fast-food restaurant staff means that time and money are often spent training people to make food just to see them leave after a few months. Over time, we will install hamburger robots in all our restaurants.