Twitter wants to provide verification checkmark for all users

A blue checkmark on Twitter is seen by some as a status symbol. But as the platform becomes an increasingly hellish place with fake profiles and bots, CEO Jack Dorsey announced on Thursday (8) that the company intends to make the scan available to all users.

“The intention is to open verification or everyone,” Dorsey said during a broadcast on Periscope. “And do it in a way that is scalable, that we do not get in the way and that people can check more facts by themselves. And we do not have to be the judges or involve any bias on our part. ”

The decision comes after Twitter explained that its reason for the chechmack was not clear to its users, although it is unclear when the company plans to release any changes. We’ve contacted Twitter and will update the post if we have an answer.

“The main problem is, we use [the checkmark] to mean identity,” Twitter director of product David Gasca says. “But in user research … users think of it as credibility, [that] Twitter stands behind this person and what they’re saying is great and authentic, which is not what we meant.” The idea is that if everyone is verified, the company can change the meaning of the checkmark and get users to perceive accounts without verification as suspicious.

While it may prove to be advantageous for a lot of people to boast the blue checkmark and the features that go with it, a revamped verification system could raise new privacy concerns. Dorsey did not detail how exactly the company could allow users to verify themselves in bulk, but as with Facebook and Airbnb, Twitter may end up asking users to send some sort of personal identification in exchange for verification.

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