With Android P you can choose the intensity of vibration

In Android P it seems clear that Google has gone to work to clean the house, regroup and recover options that for some reason had never reached stock. One of them is the intensity of the vibration, although it is classified as an accessibility option.

Choose the intensity of the vibration … or deactivate it

Not all phones have the hardware support to modify the intensity of the vibration, and perhaps that is why until now there was no option in the purest Android. Of course, it may be difficult for you to find the option, while other manufacturers such as Samsung included it in the sound section, in Android P in stock it is in Accessibility .

Here you can choose between three different vibration intensities : low, medium or high, although for now it does not seem to work quite well in the Developer Preview. Another option available is to turn off the vibration completely. Although it seems basic, it was impossible to do so until now if the phone was not silenced completely.

The same options are available for vibration when touch the screen, which you can adjust from low to high or directly disable it. Of course, the phone in question will need to have the necessary hardware to control the vibration at different intensities

Via [ Android Police ]

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