BMW confirms that the electric BMW i4 will be a reality in 2025

BMW has taken advantage of the Geneva Motor Show to shed light on the future BMW i4 . It will probably be based on the iVision Dynamics concept (you can see it in the header image) and it will be manufactured at the Munich plant. When will be available? Predictably in 2025, along with 25 other electric models.

As indicated by the company’s president, Harald Krüger, although exact production dates are not known, BMW’s objectives are to make this project a reality within seven years, along with other models such as the i5, the electric MINI or the expected iNEXT .

BMW i Vision Dynamics debuted at the last Frankfurt Motor Show. It’s a great four-door coupe, completely electric, which promises a range of up to 600 kilometers thanks to a lithium-ion battery of high capacity, and great performance: 0 to 100 km / h in four seconds and a maximum speed of more than 200 km / h.

As recalled by Krüger, BMW sold more than 100,000 electrified vehicles worldwide during the past year, achieving a market share in Europe of 21%.

In addition to announcing plans for the i4, BMW President Harald Krüger revealed that the average CO de emissions from BMW’s new vehicles sold in Europe have decreased by more than 42% since 1995 and that it managed to reduce it to 122 grams per kilometer the average CO de emissions of its fleet in Europe during 2017, which is two grams less than the figure recorded in 2016.


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