Gmail is set to add “Nudges” that suggests emails to reply to

When a new version of a popular app appears on Google Play Store, there are always people who look for clues in the code. An app’s DNA can contain hidden pieces of code that will give you an idea of what upadates to expect in its next version.


So, according to a change in the strings between the previous and most latest versions of the apps, XDA Developer reports that Google will add a new preference called “Nudges” in account settings.

According to the report, Nudge will help Gmail app users not to forget important e-mails. By applying machine learning, the app will know which senders and what content of a message is important. If you, as a recipient forget to reply a message for, Nudge will notify you. The app will also put messages with a Nudge at the top of the list, so you also get a visual reminder.

However, when changes like this are spotted in an app’s code, that does not mean that they will become active in the short term. Google can even decide not to roll out this function at all, although Nudge will be a useful addition to the standard features of Gmail.

Source: XDA Developers