African farmers have long relied on traditional means to delivering their services, and vice-versa. For most of them who have not been exposed to agritech, these newer platforms offer better convenience, higher margins and more resistant products. 


Founded by Alima Bawah and Peter Awin, Cowtribe is obviously one of many startups which have farmers at heart. The startup provides vaccines and related services to many farmers across Africa.

The nature of livestock farming makes it necessary for farmers to have vaccines at specified times. This provides a good business case for a startup like Cowtribe to offer them such services just in time. Cowtribe which was founded in 2016 is pioneering cutting edge technology and logistics systems to deliver animal vaccines and other livestock services to last mile farmers in Africa. 

Customers subscribe and book for routine vaccinations for their animals. Cowtribe then works on the background to coordinate all the processes required to provide these services whenever and wherever they need it.