The first Ferrari V8 hybrid will arrive next year, according to Sergio Marchionne himself

As claimed by the British magazine Auto Express, the head of Ferrari , Sergio Marchionne, the Maranello brand is already working on a hybrid propulsion system based on a V8 block, and in fact the test mules are already on the road.

What we do not know at the moment is in which products the brand of Cavallino will use this hybrid system, although the most logical thing would be that this V8 with electric support ended up being part of the entrails of the future SUV from Ferrari, whose production has not yet been confirmed .

The configuration of the Ferrari hybrid system is also a mystery, since according to Marchionne, it would be a much more traditional hybrid than the V12 engine system used in the Ferrari LaFerrari , whose sole objective was to maximize performance.

” The hybrid component will have much more weight in this engine than in the LaFerrari, ” says Marchionne who suggested that the system could even be a plug-in hybrid and offer electric autonomy, as the Porsche 918 Spyder did in the LaFerrari category.

For now, and as the electrification arrives, the Ferrari range has already gone to the turbo, with the new models adopting the block 3.9 liter V8 biturbo , already equipped in the Ferrari 488 GTB , the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T or the Ferrari Portofino or the Ferrari 488 Pista , which is the most powerful V8 that Ferrari has ever manufactured.

As for the V12 engines that assemble the most exclusive and powerful models of its range, at the moment the installation of turbochargers is not contemplated, or at least that Marchionne said last year , but they will count in the future with the support of electric motors . They will be hybrids , well, but at least the V12 will remain atmospheric .



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