YouTube TV was launched in April 2017. Since its launch a year ago, tech journalists expected that the platform would alter the rules of the game for competitors like Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV Now, and Playstation Vue.

The reality however is that, upon reaching its first anniversary, the biggest change that will be seen for new YouTube TV users will be the increase in their monthly subscription fees.

As reported by MacRumors , Google first announced to potential subscribers about the new pricing for YouTube TV in February, and today the last day to sign up at the current price point. From tomorrow (3/14/2018), the rate of YouTube TV will change from USD $ 35 to USD $ 40.
It may sound a bit expensive. But if you consider that YouTube TV is basically an OTT cable TV service via streaming with DVR, the price is more than sensible.

The platform offers access to the entire programming of 40 channels, including  ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, the CW, Disney, ESPN, FX and USA .

Due to the very nature of its catalogue, the service is available only in some locations in the United States, and has not been distinguished precisely by its rapid growth throughout the country. The expectation is that it will expand to other territories of the world eventually.