The great Stephen Hawking has died

The world is in shock, we just lost one of the most important minds of all time. Professor Stephen William Hawking has died at 76 years of age .

So far, the cause of his death is unknown but he “died peacefully at home during the early hours of this morning in Cambridge, England,” according to the statements of a family spokesman.

Via Twitter his children Lucy, Robert and Tim mentioned:

“He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man, whose work and legacy will last for many years.” His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people from all over the world.

“He once said, ‘It would not be a great universe if it were not the home of the people you love.’ We will miss him forever.”

Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in the United Kingdom and quickly became one of the most important and influential figures in the world of science . Professor Hawking is recognized as a theoretical physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and as one of the greatest scientific disseminators of our times, who is responsible for shaping modern science and inspiring millions of people.

Among his achievements and acknowledgments, his twelve honorary doctorates stand out , his recognition as part of the Order of the British Empire, as well as a Prince of Asturias Award for Concord. In addition, he was a member of the Royal Society of London, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

As we know, Professor Hawking was paralyzed due to a motor neuron disease related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). This led him to live a large part of his life in a chair and communicate through a digital voice generating device.

His theories, his controversial statements and opinions always gave him something to talk about.


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