WhatsApp will not share the data of its users with Facebook in Europe for now

Photo: AP Images.

Good news for WhatsApp users in the European Union. The company behind the messaging platform has promised not to share its users’ data with Facebook , at least until it meets certain regulatory requirements.
WhatsApp will not be able to share user data with Facebook, the social network of its mother company, because it doesn’t comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new EU regulation that will come into force next May, dedicated to the protection of personal and confidential data of all its citizens.

In mid-2016 the Office of the United Kingdom Information Commissioner (ICO) began an investigation after WhatsApp changed its privacy policies, announcing that they could share their users’ data with Facebook. The authorities in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union expressed concern that the social network could, in theory, access the user data prior to the purchase of WhatsApp.

After the GDPR enters into force, WhatsApp ensures that it could share some user data with Facebook for “security reasons” and to help the company “improve its products”. [via TechCrunch ]


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