IBM has created a computer the size of a grain of salt, the smallest in the world 

Image: IBM

Imagine a computer as small as a grain of fat salt. That is precisely what they have achieved in IBM, the smallest computer in the world which could enhance fields such as blockchain or support for basic tasks of the AI.

It has been a long time since the “nano”, the development of increasingly smaller technology, became a major player in most companies in the sector. However, computers have not changed much in recent years. Until now.

Today is the first day of IBM Think 2018, the company’s flagship conference where it will reveal what, according to Mashable , will be the smallest computer in the world. It’s no joke, it’s literally as small as a grain of salt.

Inside, and for obvious reasons, you can’t expect current cutting-edge technology. In fact, IBM has said that it has the computing power of the x86 chip of 1990, yes, one that requires a microscope to see it.

Image: IBM

IBM has explained that specifically, the device will be a data source for blockchain applications. Its goal is to help track the shipment of products and detect theft, fraud and breaches. 

The computer will cost less than ten cents to produce, and will also pack “several hundred thousand transistors,” these will allow it to “monitor, analyze, communicate, and even act on data.”

According to the company, it’s just the beginning: 
In the next five years, cryptographic anchors, such as ink dots or small computers smaller than a grain of salt, will be integrated into everyday objects and devices.

As we know it, the model is a prototype still in tests and the company has not explained when they plan to launch it. In any case, the future should look a lot like this. [ Mashable ]


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