Japan works on a new version of the bullet train with better design, will be ready for the Olympic Games

Japan is working on an improved version of its bullet train, the Shinkansen, with improvements in design and will be ready for the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, according to the authorities.

The new Shinkansen is called “Supreme” and, although it is just as fast as the original version, includes improvements in its interior and exterior design. The most notable feature is the change of its shape of the tube dedicated to avoid a sonic explosion when the train is traveling in tunnels at high speed.

Inside the train will now have power sockets for electrical equipment will be provided throughout. Automatic illumination of the luggage racks at each stop is intended to remind alighting passengers not to forget their belongings.

Image: JR Central.

The new Shinkansen “Supreme” can carry up to 1323 passenger including 200 in Green Car. Like the original model, it can travel up to 285 kilometers per hour on the Tokaido line and 300 kilometers per hour on the Sanyo line. The train is also more efficient in terms of energy consumption. [ Railway Gazette ]


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