Pixelify, share your designs and download graphic design resources for free

Pixelify is a service that allows you to download more than 200 high quality graphic design resources for free, both for personal use, as well as for commercial use.

Resources are organized into sections and each section is organized into resource categories. The categories include Fonts, Models, Graphics, Templates, Add-ons and although they do not yet have a section for WordPress and other CMSs, which in the near future, will include free themes for blog and website.

But downloads are not the only advantages to Pixelify , content creators can upload their own resources, those they do for the love of art and share them with service visitors and other creators, while maintaining total control of their works.

It is very useful to both users who download free resources and creators who offer some free works, they can show their skills and maybe get some paid jobs in the future. Users can also leave comments, ask questions, follow creators and create collections of resources.

Pixelify is a startup service, which is just beginning and although it does not offer many resources yet, more than 200 are not a number to despise and they are also very good resources.


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