Google News Initiative announced plans to help journalism “thrive in the digital era”

Today at an event in New York, the CBO of Google, Phillipp Schindler, announced  the launch of the Google News Initiative (GNI), through which Google “will help journalism thrive in the digital era.”

According to Schindler the GNI will work with Google in collaboration with the media industry, which will be offered through products, partnerships with the media and different programs with the aim of building an important future for News. Some of the programs have been in operation for some time and new ones will be launched soon.
Google indicates that this initiative will focus on 3 major objectives that are to strengthen quality journalism, support different business models and empower the newsrooms through the use of advanced and innovative technologies.

In addition, through the Google News Initiative, the Mountain View company committed to invest 300 million dollars that will be used in the next 3 years in various projects related to journalism.

One of the products offered by this initiative is a new whiteboard with analytics called  News Consumer Insights , which can be accessed through Google Analytics. This whiteboard aims to help publishers improve subscription revenues with relevant analytics that allow determining the best course of action to follow and segmenting the different audiences.

They also announced a new Google service that allows users (news readers) to subscribe to paid media associated with Google. This helps to simplify the subscription to information media, because instead of filling out a form for each subscription and different password, with this product you can subscribe and access daily in an easy and fast way, besides the subscription to the different media will be paid from One place.

Finally Google announced  Outline , a new open source tool for information media that offers secure access to the Internet through its own VPNs on private servers.


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