2 million people were using Spotify for free with an app that blocks ads


2 million people were using Spotify for free with an app that blocks ads

Earlier this month, Spotify began blocking the use of pirated apps that allowed the service to be used for free and without ads. Now, the Swedish company has revealed to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that there were 2 million users taking advantage of the platform.

That is such a large number that Spotify has had to adjust some of its public metrics and indicators before stating  thage: “Unauthorized access to our service may cause errors in key performance indicators, which, once discovered, corrected and disclosed, could undermine investor confidence in the integrity of our key performance indicators and cause a significant price drop in our products. 

Actually, it is not so much (from 159 million active users per month to 157 million), but it is surprising that there were so many people with hacked versions of the platform that allowed users with free accounts to suppress advertising and take advantage of paid features..

[ via Engadget ]


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