A family with children risked getting out of the car to see up close a group of cheetahs in a zoo

Image: Daniel Craig via YouTube

Although cheetahs look like a very large version of the cats we have at home, it is important to remember that they are wild animals. A family in the Netherlands had to learn this lesson in a really scary way when they got out of their car to see up close and take pictures of these animals on a safari.

The incident took place at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands. It all started when a man gets out of his car, something that is forbidden in the park, to take pictures of a group of cheetahs that were nearby. Soon after, a woman gets out of the car to put some items in the trunk. The two children in the car followed the example of the adults, going out to see the cheetahs.

The family did not have to wait long to learn that their actions had consequences. Upon seeing the family, the group of cheetahs began to run towards them, which causes the humans to run back into their car. Fortunately, everyone managed to get into the vehicle and avoided a really dangerous situation.

The video of the meeting, which was recorded by other visitors in a nearby car, has since gone viral on the Internet and has become one of the videos of the moment. We attach the video below.

Niels de Wildt, a park manager, told local media that the family had been “very lucky”.

“The cheetahs have a feeding schedule, so they were not very hungry and they were not in hunting mode,” de Wildt said. “In the first instance, they have the same reaction they have when someone unexpected appears. They think, ‘hey, something strange is happening in our territory.’ ”

De Wildt adds that under the circumstances, the animals responded to the situation.

Generally, visitors are advised to keep a safe distance away from the animals on a safari unless they receive specific instructions from their guide. Several animals, such as elephants or rhinos, attack when humans get too close to them.



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