Arizona Police arrested a woman for sending 65,000 text messages to a man

Jacqueline Claire Ades (@ABC)

A disgruntled woman from Arizona (USA) was arrested for harassment and threats after sending about 65,000 text messages and raiding the house of a man whom she went out on a blind date arranged on a website.

Jacqueline Claire Ades , of Phoenix, was detained by agents of the local Paradise Valley Police in an episode that the victim hopes will end a tumultuous relationship in which he received up to 500 messages per day .

The police reported that some of the texts of the messages said:

” Don’t ever try to leave me … I will kill you … I don’t want to be a murderer “, I am like the new Hitler … the man was a genius “, and” Oh, what I would do with your blood … I would like to bathe in it “.

In July of 2017, the man called the police to report for the first time the behavior of Ades, 31, who he said he didn’t want an intimate relationship with.

According to court documents, the agents found Ades in front of the victim’s home and told her to desist from the act and leave, but soon after, the man began receiving threatening text messages .

Last April, the victim called the authorities again, alerting them that, through his surveillance system installed in his house, he could see Ades inside his home .

When the officers arrived at the house, the woman was taking a shower at the victim’s house and found a large butcher knife in the passenger seat of her car, according to court documents, for which she was arrested and charged with trespassing.

After Ades was released, she allegedly started sending more threatening text messages to the victim and three weeks later the the man called the police to report that the woman had shown up at his business place posing as his wife.

Ades told reporters in a jailhouse interview Thursday that she quickly fell in love with the man, KPHO-TV reported.

Ades told reporters:

“I felt like I met my soulmate and I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine,”.

Ades told police she didn’t want to hurt the man and that she was acting way because she didn’t want him to leave.

Ades was arrested again, this time on charges of threats, intimidation and harassment, and will appear before a court next Tuesday.



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