California becomes the first state to force new homes to be built with solar panels

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As of 2020, any house or building with a few floors in California will have to be built with solar panels. This has been dictated by the State Energy Commission this week in a unanimous vote. The aim of the new regulation is to combat global warming and save energy produced by traditional sources.

The new regulation will now have to be approved by the Commission on Building Standards, and observers expect it to approve the standard. In addition to helping with environmental issues, proponents of the standard claim that it will save the owner of the house or building long-term money. It is anticipated that the savings in light will reach approximately $ 19,000 over 30 years. However, the new rule has also raised concerns about the effect it will have on the cost of housing.

It is anticipated that the cost of construction of the houses will increase by $ 9,500. The California Energy Commission states that this cost translates to $ 40 more in the average price of the mortgage. The state anticipates that during the year 2020 , 100,000 single-family homes and 50,000 multifamily homes will be built with solar panels.

The increase in the cost of the mortgage is a particularly sensitive issue in California, which is extremely expensive due to the low supply and strong demand. The average price of a house in Los Angeles is $ 674,140 while in San Francisco it is $ 1.3 million.

The proponents of the new regulation will ensure that this is a step that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and that any additional amount of the mortgage will be more than offset by the savings in electricity.

This new regulation reaffirms California’s position as a leading state in solar energy. Currently, solar energy provides 16% of the state’s energy.



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