These British Brothers are making & selling traditional Nigerian drink in UK

Mike and Garry Robinson

Two business minded brothers Mike and Garry Robinson have branded their favorite Nigerian drink and are selling it in the UK market.

Young Mike and Garry were first based in Lagos, Nigeria were the drink was hand-mixed by locals.

The brothers relocated back to the UK to board at Warwick School, but at anytime they find themselves in Nigeria during their school holidays they, would have the drink again.

According to The Courier the Leamington brothers have always thought of commercializing the drink in the UK market.

A soft drink made with fruits and bitters was how they remembered it, and they told The Courier that it’s always been their dream to commercially produce the drink in the UK.

“After leaving school, Garry and I both became professional squash players but it has always been our dream to commercially produce this drink,” Mike said.

We’ve always had a dream of bringing it to market. We went to various drinks companies, but many only want an energy drink or a fruit drink. We were taking them a drink that had a unique taste.

They finally got a company to sign up for the production of the drinks, and the brothers decided to call their drink “Ikoyi Chapman.”

Ikoyi Chapman is already being sold in bars in some parts of the UK, and the brothers hope people will soon start seeing it in supermarkets.



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