How to activate Gmail’s offline mode (and its new design if you don’t already have it)

A few weeks ago, Google announced a series of new features in Gmail. Among them was the ability to read and respond to messages offline. During the last Google I / O event (the annual developer conference) Google finally activated the offline mode for Gmail users.

The offline mode is only available for people who use Chrome, so if that is not your browser, you should download it if you want to use the function.

For it to work you also need to have changed to the new Gmail. To do so, just click on the Settings menu at the top right of Gmail, and select Test the new Gmail from the drop-down menu (it’s the first option).

Once you have enabled the new version of Gmail, touch the Settings icon again and then select Settings from the drop-down menu. Go to the Offline tab in the top toolbar and then check the “Enable mail without connection” box. When you do this, you will be asked to select how many days of messages you want to synchronize with your computer. If you receive a ton of mail you probably want to be conservative with this selection.

Yes, it would be great to have access to your entire inbox while you are offline, but your entire inbox is probably quite large. A week is the best choice for most people. Once you have selected what term you want, press Save Changes and you are ready to continue.

To work offline you will need to have a Gmail session open in Chrome before you have disconnected, so be sure to load it using the airport’s WiFi if you want to invest your next flight in the commendable mission of reducing your inbox to zero.



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