The 6 factors that explain why the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a historical fact

The decision by Donald Trump coincides with the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, happens a few days after the cancellation of the Nuclear Agreement with Iran and unleashes a new Palestinian March of Wrath

The US Embassy in Jerusalem will operate in its former General Consulate
From Israel . This week there are several events marked with red crosses in the calendar and in the “place” option of the agenda, all have the same written: Jerusalem.

The calendrical coincidences in this case are not naive, but rather they deliberately coexist and transform this week into a key for the world. In a few days, Donald Trump broke the nuclear agreement with Iran, will specify the transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (just on the anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel) and will begin Ramadan, the Muslim fast that raises the security alerts for the prayer in the holy mosque of Al Aqsa.

1. On May 8, Donald Trump finally announced what he insinuated so much. Aligned more than ever with Israel, it canceled the nuclear agreement with Iran signed by Barack Obama and the Group of 5 + 1 . The decision emboldens the terrorist group Hezbollah in Lebanon ( which also won the election ), throws gasoline on the Gaza border and puts the Israeli Defense Forces on alert, which has already mobilized its reservists and put them to work at full speed. its sophisticated anti-missile shield known as “Iron Dome”.

The decision, which comes deliberately in the run-up to the relocation of its embassy in Jerusalem, is more than celebrated by Israel, which has long denounced the character of sponsor of the world terrorism of the Persian regime and days ago became the spearhead of Trump to break the pact to unveil the alleged secret plans of Tehran to continue with its atomic program.

2. On the 14th, in honour of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, the US will make the transfer. Trump decided it even when his own – as the now dismissed Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson – was discouraged. “It’s what had to be done,” the Republican said on December 6, 2017 in a speech to the nation, and to the world. It was a campaign promise and he fulfilled it.

Access to the new US Embassy is still open

Relocating the embassy is not simply a move, it is recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel , and it is also ignoring Jerusalem – or part of it – as the future capital of a future Palestinian state.

It is also breaking with the international consensus that no country would consider Jerusalem part of any State until Israelis and Palestinians negotiate their status in a peace agreement.

“It is a terrible blow to the Palestinian dispute, for Israel it is a holiday, for the Palestinians it is a day of catastrophe, ” said José Benarroch, the retired diplomat who served in Italy, Mexico, Ethiopia and Singapore , told Infobae . For him, in the next few months there will be about 10 more embassies.

The city is chronically in the focus of conflict. On November 29, 1947 – with 33 votes in favor, 13 against, 10 abstentions – resolution 181 establishing a Jewish state in the land of Israel, along with a state, was approved in the General Assembly of the United Nations. Arab. Jerusalem would remain with a special status, under international guardianship.

The partition plan was not accepted by the Arabs, Israel was declared a state on May 14, 1948 and the first war took place. In 1967, in the Six Day War , Israel occupied the eastern part of the city that was in Jordanian hands and on July 30, 1980 the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) amended the Fundamental Law of Jerusalem, 1950, and declared the city as the “complete and united” capital of Israel .

The decision was resisted by the international community that, through Resolution 478 of the UN Security Council, agreed “not to recognize” this measure or any that changed “the character and status of Jerusalem.” So all the countries that had embassies in Jersualén moved them … until now, that the US is taking the opposite route .

3. Following the coincidences in the calendar, the day after the transfer of the US embassy, on May 15, the Palestinians commemorate the Nakba (Disaster), it is the most important date of their calendar because they remember the exodus after the creation of the State of Israel.

“There is no free lunch, the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem will cost but it is worth paying,” admitted Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman. The brutal honesty of the graphical official tension. The Israelis celebrate Trump’s decision and the time chosen in the agenda to make it happen, but they know that this new door turns on security alerts.

“To destabilize, there should be something stable, but here there was nothing very stable before the transfer of the embassy: Israel went through countless wars and conflicts with armed organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas … So nothing changes, it’s more of a continuation” , assured Benarroch.

In fact, while the American delegation led by Ivanka Trump is inaugurating the complex in the Arnona neighborhood, the Palestinians called for a Day of Violence.

4. Behind the US, Israel expects other countries to make the same decision . In fact, Guatemala will do the same on the 16th, Paraguay will probably do so before the end of the month, and Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have already announced that they will also change the domicile of their diplomatic offices.

5. Relocating the embassy and doing it on May 14 is an explicit test of US support for all of Israel’s claims. But it also disables him as a valid mediator in any negotiation . Palestine does not want it at the table, so as Israel gets what it sought at desks and battlefields, the possibility of a peace agreement with the two-state solution as a way out of so much violence, moves away. And yes, that explains “the cost of lunch” that Liberman talked about.

The city of Jerusalem is papered with posters that thank Trump for his decision

6. On the 15th, when the ribbon cutting in the Arnona neighborhood is still in the headlines of the world – in addition to the Nakba – Ramadan will begin, the month of the Muslim fast. Historically it is a time of high tension and increased threat of terrorist attacks across the country, not just in Jerusalem.

The Israeli security forces know this and that is why they are targeting Friday prayers at the sacred site of the Old City that contains the Al Aqsa mosque, which has often been a flashpoint in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. .



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