The British will have to buy $ 14 passes at the kiosks to watch pornography on the Internet anonymously

The United Kingdom is looking for the best way to enforce a law that prevents minors from accessing Internet porn. The government’s latest proposal is to sell pornographic passes at the kiosks to verify that only adults will consume this type of content.

According to The Telegraph , the passes will be priced at 10 pounds (about 14 dollars) and will come with a 16-digit code that, in addition to guaranteeing access to the various pornographic websites, will allow you to buy products with age restrictions, such as alcohol, over the Internet and knives.

These “porn passes” will be an anonymous alternative to a more traditional verification method: registering a credit card on the website you wish to visit. Although it will be necessary to show an identity document to the kiosk clerk at the time of acquiring the pass, the system will prevent the user from leaving a digital trail on the web that could result in a privacy disaster similar to the hacking of Ashley’s servers Madison .

25 million Britons regularly visit adult websites. In a single month of 2015, a total of 1.4 million children clicked on one of these sites; half, children between six and 14 years old . The new regulation aims to protect these children from Internet porn, but the government does not seem to find the right system. The law, which was to go into effect in April, has been delayed until a viable system is found.

Many fear that it will end up making things difficult for adults themselves, while teenagers find easy ways to bypass restrictions, such as using VPN networks to navigate with a foreign IP or choosing smaller websites that have not fallen into government censorship.

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