Panic in Istanbul: Two planes collided on the airport runway

An aircraft owned by the South Korean airline Asiana ripped the tail fin of the Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 “I thought it was the end of my life,” one passenger said.

This is how the helm of the Turkish Airlines Airbus A321 was left

For many people who fear flying, there is no safer time than when the plane is firmly parked on the airport runway after landing.

But in the case of these two passenger aircraft, the terror arrived on the ground and at low speed, when an Airbus A330 of the South Korean airline Asiana collided with the tail fin of a unit of Turkish Airlines while moving to the terminal at the airport International of Istanbul.

According to the Korean Times newspaper , there were no injuries in the incident , although a small fire started on the Turkish plane and there was panic among the passengers.

Kaarina Barron, a 55-year-old Briton who was inside the Turkish plane, recounted the terrifying moment . “We had just parked, we had not been completely quiet for a minute and the engines were still moving when we heard a huge noise,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper .

It sounded like a bomb had exploded and the whole plane seemed to tip over
“It sounded like a bomb had exploded and the whole plane seemed to tilt, I thought it was going to turn around, I leaned to one side and then it stabilized, a lot of things were spinning in my head at that moment, I thought the plane had exploded “he said.

Barron also said she felt very frightened, and thought at one point that the moment had arrived. “It was the end of my life,” he believed.

The moment just before both planes collided

A video distributed in networks shows the moment in which Asiana’s aircraft advances slowly and hits with its right wing the tail fin of the Airbus A321, which is shaken strongly by the blow.

The Ministry of Transport of Turkey said it is investigating the event and said that if it finds responsibility in the Asiana airline, the corresponding measures would be taken , 9 News reported.

A similar accident had occurred in November at the JF Kennedy airport in New York, when an Egyptian Air plane started with its wing the tip of the wing of a Virgin Air flight, causing no injuries.

In the case of Turkey, Barron illustrated very well why passengers are usually asked to sit on their planes and with their belts fastened, even though the plane has stopped.

“There were a lot of people standing in the aisle, even though the seatbelt indicator was still on, they all flew out and fell all over the place, it was surreal,” he explained.



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