This self-chilling can is the biggest technological revolution since the refrigerator

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One of the coolest innovations of recent years in the field of soft drinks comes courtesy of 7-Eleven. The convenience store chain has introduced a new line of coffee called Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee. The novelty is that their cans cool down automatically.

The invention has been developed by the packaging manufacturer The Joseph Company International. The system of the 250 ml cans is activated when the customer turns the can upside down, twist the can’s plastic base (which is now at the top) to activate the Heat Exchange Unit (HEU), wait about 75 to 90 seconds for the cooling process to complete, and then turn the can upright, open and enjoy.

Watch the video below:

The gesture releases liquefied CO2 from a small tank that cools the drink in about 90 seconds with just a slight hiss. FoodBev Media explains that the can has taken more than 25 years of research.

According to Packaging Digest the self-cooling system of the can decreases the temperature of the drink by about 30 degrees and adds about 150 grams to its total weight.

The big difference compared to the first version that The Joseph Company launched for Pepsi a few years ago is that this new model does not contain HFC134A. HFC134A is a potentially very problematic coolant for global warming. According to the blog of the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA for its acronym in English) says that a pound of HFC134A (just over 450 grams) is equivalent to more than 1,400 pounds (635 kilos) of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere .

This problem led manufacturers to discard the first design of self-chilling cans. Free of chemical products that cause damage to the planet The Joseph Company and 7-Eleven hope to awaken the interest of customers with their cold cans that do not require a refrigerator. As a lover of mountain walks I already have feverish visions of a cold beer on the top of a mountain without the need to carry ice packs and I get chills.



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