Bosch tests space propellers to make the bikes safer and more accurate

The new fall mitigation system from Bosch. Image: Bosch via Roadshow

When you drive a motorcycle and lean to turn, even a little sand can affect the friction of your bike and cause you to have an accident. But what if your bike could keep you from falling? This is exactly what Bosch wants to do using an unexpected technology: anti-slide thrusters

The space thrusters uses high-pressure gas to generate force to help right a sliding motorcycle. Bosch bases its new mitigation system against falls in the same concept. It uses a device similar to the inflator of a car airbag to generate a lateral external force, giving the bike the grip it needs in these situations and guides the driver from falling.

Unfortunately, every invention has its good and bad sides. According to CNET , the new system can only be used once, which probably means that the product will be sold separately and will very expensive.

As highlighted by CNET , it is important that motorcycles have more active safety equipment because it makes vehicles safer and also changes the public perception of the safety of motorcycles.

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