Chrome will consume even more RAM to increase its security against Specter

The new version of Google Chrome brings bad news: the browser now consumes even more RAM , for security reasons . The company has announced a new feature that aims to protect users from vulnerabilities such as Specter .

Chrome includes a new feature in its latest update. Its name is Site Isolation, which keeps in separate processes the information of web pages and domains, to protect the user from new attacks based on Specter. However, this increased protection results in a higher RAM consumption as a negative consequence.

The browser will now consume between 10% and 13% additional RAM, due to the large number of processes, as explained in an official statement software engineer Charlie Reis, which recognizes that it can be a problem in systems with low RAM, like computers with 4 GB or less. The function is already active in Chrome for desktop, but it is still disabled by default in the app for iOS and Android.

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