Jeep confirmed a crossover below the Renegade: The A-SUVs are arriving

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will launch a Jeep that will be ranked below the Renegade. It is the first announcement for the incipient segment of the City-SUV to which other manufacturers will soon join.

The global growth in demand for SUVs still shows no signs of slowing and growth in sales of this type of vehicle does not stop with figures of double – digit growth in most markets: Europe, the United States, China and even Brazil and India .

The public’s preference for crossovers does not yet seem to have reached its ceiling and manufacturers are taking advantage of this situation to introduce new models and sub-segments that attract even more customers. Much of the current success of crossovers is related to the smaller models, as the B-SUVs are particularly popular in Europe, India and Brazil, where they manage to dominate the segment .

However, as has been happening in recent years with other types of vehicles, it is expected that the dimensions of the SUVs of segment B will begin to grow with the arrival of the generational relays of the current models, with no other purpose but to include other smaller models .

And that’s where one of the recent announcements of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will come into play at the time of the presentation of its new business plan. The Italian-American manufacturer announced that they will launch a new SUV under the Jeep Renegade , a model that has been under microscope for quite some time now and has now been officially confirmed . It is a small SUV for segment A, which in terms of price and dimensions will be below the Jeep Renegade .

The first reports indicate that this new Jeep A-SUV could share its platform with one of the models of Fiat, especially with the next generation of the Fiat Panda , a generational relay that will be definitively dismissed from the diesel mechanics, as it will bet on a 48-volt hybridization system and as usual, will be available with four-wheel drive .

This new model of Jeep has been the first announcement for this new subsegment , which will soon join other manufacturers who already think about having their own City-SUV , crossovers for segment A that promise to become the new star in the firmament SUV .


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