9 beautiful bridges that will leave you fascinated and 3 that will leave you terrified

A collection of the most beautiful and creepy bridges engineers could design.

1. The Banpo Bridge of Korea is also known as the “Arco-Iris Bridge”. Dozens of hoses with LED lights illuminate the route with background music.

2. The Devil’s Bridge, Germany:
Although not suitable for humans, it is one of the most beautiful in the world, it was built in 1860 and its beauty is often attributed to satan.

3. Canopy walk in Ghana:
It is a 350 meter bridge connected between the trees of the jungle and not suitable for fearful people, because it is quite narrow. Although it has a security system in case something goes wrong or suicidal.

4. Oresund Bridge in Sweden:
The impressive thing about this bridge is that it has submarine tunnels that connect Sweden and Denmark.
5. The bridge of Moses in Holland makes a direct reference to the biblical scripture when Moses parted the sea. In Holland it was created as access to a fortress.

6. England Rolling Bridge:
These bridges were designed to have better access between the office buildings in Paddington.

7. The Terminator Bridge is located in the Netherlands and it is a robot that removes a piece of road 10 times a day, for the transit of ships.

8. The Millau Viaduct in France is one of the highest bridges in the world. To give you an idea, it’s like driving in a higher structure than the Eiffel Tower.

9. The longest Glass Bridge in the world in China is definitely something that will leave you with nerves shattered.

The most terrifying thing is that they have tested with hammers, to demonstrate their resistance.

10. The bridges of living roots in India:
The impressive trees of India were guided by the natives to create bridges between the rivers.
And that’s what it looks like to cross one of them.

11. The Vietnamese Bridge supported by the hands of the Giant:

It is an elegant bridge of 150 meters that serves as a viewpoint to the best view of Vietnam. Thanks to this wonder, tourism has increased like never before.

12. It’s not a roller coaster, it’s the Eshima Ohashi Bridge in Japan. Although it all depends on what angle you look at it, crossing this bridge is one of the most epic experiences in the world.

Author: NaijaRoko

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