President Emmerson Mnangagwa won the elections in Zimbabwe

President Emmerson Mnangagwa won the Zimbabwean elections on Friday with just over 50% of the vote , bringing the ruling party to power in the first elections since the fall of the old leader Robert Mugabe.

Mnangagwa received 50.8% of the votes, while his main rival Nelson Chamisa captured 44.3%. It is almost certain that the opposition will challenge the results in the courts or on the streets.

Although the elections were peaceful, unlike past occasions, the lethal violence on Wednesday against people protesting the alleged manipulation of votes reminded many of the decades of repression backed by the armed forces under the Mugabe regime.

The Western election observers , who in previous elections did not have authorization to be present, have expressed concern about the “excessive” force applied by the armed forces in the capital, Harare . Its conclusions about the election day are crucial for the suspension of international sanctions to a country whose economy collapsed years ago.

Shortly before the announcement by the electoral council, Morgen Komichi, the main representative of the opposition alliance of Chamisa, took the stage, saying his party “totally rejects” the results.

Later Komichi denounced that the elections were “fraudulent” and that “everything has been done illegally.” He added that he had refused the electoral council’s request to sign documents that formalized the triumph of Mnangagwa.

With the military forces still deployed in Harare, the streets of the capital looked peaceful after the announcement of Mnangagwa’s victory.


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