Rich List: These are the 10 richest people in the world at the moment

The Bloomberg index estimates the wealth of millionaires every day, at the close of the trading day on Wall Street. Total equity, recent variation and performance in a year are the main factors considered.

The 10 richest people in the world according to Bloomberg estimates.

It is difficult for the list of the richest people in the world to change from one day to the next, but sometimes it happens: in July 2018, without going any further, Mark Zuckerberg stopped fighting for third place with Warren Buffett to move to sixth after the collapse of Facebook in the stock market. To track major operations, bad times and extraordinary gains or losses and compare the fortunes of the richest people in the world , the economic news publication Bloomberg produces a daily ranking at the close of the New York Stock Exchange .

Six of the 10 figures that top the list of richest rich in the world comes from the tech. In the first and second place remain, unbeatable, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. And the six, in addition, belong to the United States. The other billionaire names have diversified their investments or are engaged in luxury or mass consumer goods.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos remains number 1 on the list of the richest

1. Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s majority shareholder – the world’s largest retail e-commerce, which is also a platform for third parties, provides services in the cloud, produces and distributes series and movies and earned USD 178 billion in 2017 – has a net worth of USD 151 billion.

With its resources this 54-year-old man can buy 123 million troy ounces of gold, or 2.05 billion barrels of oil . The fortune of Amazon’s founder, who also hopes to conquer space with his company Blue Origin, represents 8.89% of the US home market and multiplied by more than 2.5 million times the average income of a home from that country.

2. Bill Gates

The co-founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker, has a net worth of USD 96.5 billion.

The most famous university deserter in the world manages his fortune through Cascade Investment. He could buy 79.3 million troy ounces of gold, or 1.32 billion barrels of oil, but at age 62 and with a legendary stature in life, prefers to engage in philanthropy with the charity Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation .

3. Warren Buffett

This respected investor around the world continues to live in the house he bought decades ago in Omaha, Nebraska, although Berkshire Hathaway, the investment group of which he is president and principal shareholder, has given 20.9% annual profits since 1953 . Its net value amounts to USD 82 billion.

His philosophy exalts the investment in value. At age 87, the owner of Geico, Clayton Homes and Dairy Queen, and investor of Apple, Coca-Cola and American Express, can buy 68.5 million troy ounces of gold, or 1.14 billion barrels of oil. He agrees with Gates in his assessment of philanthropy, to the point that he will leave 99% of his estate to the foundation of the second richest in the world.

4. Bernard Arnault

The richest man in France is the president of LVMH Moët Hennesy Louis Vuitton , the largest manufacturer of luxury goods in the world. Its equity of USD 75 billion comes from the control of approximately half of that firm, which in 2017 had profits of € 42 million (USD 48 million).

At age 69, the seller of Louis Vuitton leather goods, TAG Heuer watches and Dom Perignon champagne can buy 62.3 million troy ounces of gold, or 1.040 million barrels of oil.

5. Amancio Ortega

Owner of 59% of Inditex, the largest apparel retailer in the world , the well-known co-founder of Zara remains among the five richest in the world, with a net worth of USD 71 billion . Inditex controls 7,400 stores and its last annual profit was € 25 million (USD 29 million).

Through the company Pontegadea , Ortega has real estate investments in high-level offices and stores in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, Berlin, Rome and London, among other cities . According to Bloomberg , it can buy 58.3 million troy ounces of gold, or 968 million barrels of oil.

6. Mark Zuckerberg

The founder and CEO of Facebook , the company that owns the largest social network in the world, has had two years of conflict between false news, operations of Russian agents on its platform and the abuse of data from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Its current assets are USD 70 billion.

7. Carlos Slim

The Mexican businessman controls América Móvil, the largest mobile phone operator in Latin America. Its net worth of USD 62 billion is made up of a variety of investments, including construction, banking and mining , and shares in companies such as The New York Times and Caixabank .

8. Larry Page

The CEO of Alphabet, the umbrella company behind Google , is also the co-founder of the most consulted search engine in the world, with approximately 3,500 searches a day and a profit of USD 111 million in 2017.

9. Sergey Brin

The president of Alphabet is the other co-founder of Google , and together with Page owns 16% of the company. Its assets is USD 57 billion. Brin was born in the disintegrated Soviet Union, and came to the United States with his family when he was six years old . After graduating he did his Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University, where he met Page. Together they started in a garage the Mountain View company, which is counted among the most successful in the world.

10. Larry Ellison

The last place in the list of top ten of the millionaires belongs to the founder and principal shareholder of Oracle: He has USD 54 billion. Ellison owns 28% of the data company of Redwood City.


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