I sometimes wish I was a little taller —Aki 

Long before he became a Nollywood star, Chinedu Ikedieze lived with his grandmother in Abia State, his head filled with big dreams of being a lawyer and later an actor. With his short height and smallish stature, he got his wish of becoming one of Nollywood’s most successful actors after he landed a role in the 2002 comedy flick Aki Na Ukwa.

The instant smash success of the film ensured that he became a star overnight, earning him a brother in the person of his ‘co accomplice’ Osita Iheme, better known as Pawpaw.

Despite his burgeoning popularity, Aki as he is fondly called, remains very down-to-earth and assuming. In this interview, he revealed one of his wishes to PREMIUM TIMES.

When he was asked if he ever wished he was taller, Aki said: “Yes, I do, but you know there are things you can’t change. If it were easy to add some inches to my height I would have done that. But since I can’t change it, I have to play along. I have to be whom God has made me. Yes.”

PREMIUM TIMES also asked if is height is a shortcoming, he said: No. It is not. But, of course I am human, so there are little, maybe several unnecessary things I would have done if I were taller.”

And, when asked if he thinks he would have been more successful if he was taller, Aki said: I don’t know. I believe in the law of nature. If God had destined that I would be very successful, irrespective of my height, I would still be who I am ordained to be.”

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