Lisa Kytosaho, the beautiful wildlife keeper who lives among cheetahs

It is known that most girls like pets, kissing and caressing them; but very few women will like animals like cheetahs and lions.

Lisa Kytosaho, a Swedish girl, is one of those who like these species and, in fact, moved to Africa to dedicate herself to raising … cheetahs.

She is the head of the Western Cape Conservation Center, where she dedicates her life to these animals, since it is an activity that makes her feel happy and fulfilled.

While other women kiss their pets, Lisa does it with the wild animals that can run at a speed of more than 100 km / h.

Now she has 16 cheetahs, which she has been with since they were born.

These animals are usually aggressive, however, Lisa gained her trust through the care and affection she gives them day after day.

Via Instagram, she shares images of her adventures in this reserve and also its beauty with her followers.

There is no doubt that Lisa found the path she was looking for … and has followed it.

In spite of her beauty, with which she could well dedicate herself to modeling, she preferred to be in Africa with these wild animals.


Author: NaijaRoko

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