9 Ways To Use Your Free Time

The way we spend our free time is a reflection of our own nature and can have a considerable impact on our chances of success in the professional world. And why is that? If we use our time in a productive way , giving ourselves to tasks capable of producing a positive reflection in our lives, we will reap the fruits of this option. If your interest is to find the activities that best fit this pattern, stay with us and do your best to put these activities into practice.


Physical exercise is important for our physical and mental health, and studies indicate that half an hour of exercise a day is enough to revitalize our spirit and soothe the stress that we may be feeling. It also helps us stay disciplined and makes us more confident as it improves our appearance and gives us a sense of well-being.


Reading is a skill that must be practiced continuously. One of its main merits lies in the fact that it is one of the means through which we can acquire a high dose of culture and knowledge , which assists us in our personal and professional lives.

Do you intend to expand your vocabulary and develop your thinking skills ? Read a fictional play. Want to grow your career? Read all about the subject. Flipping through the various biographies and memories of great figures related to your field will help you in day to day work. Do you want to understand the world and your role in it? Read philosophical, political and sociological treatises. So set your purpose and enjoy yourself.


As we write , we are expanding our knowledge and learning how to divide it creatively. Other than that, writing is also positive for our ability to communicate verbally.

In addition to getting our lives viewed from a new perspective, putting our thoughts on paper is an effective way to develop our emotional intelligence, our self-knowledge, and our abilities.

And, as Simone de Beauvoir said, writing is also an excellent therapy : “On paper you can tell exactly what you are feeling. It is very easy to break objects on a book page. You hate, you scream, you kill, you commit suicide – in short, you take things to the end. And that’s why it’s just a scam. But it’s a satisfying farce . ”


In the world we live in – in which the demands we put on ourselves and the demands that the rest of the world places on us – are quite intense, a regular dose of meditative practices is able to help us reach a high level of personal happiness and professional productivity.

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety and improving concentration, meditation leads us to better rest and develops our self-knowledge and emotional intelligence , which helps us deal with situations in a rational, intelligent and compassionate way, not with unthinking emotional reactions that we will regret in the future.


The most successful people are those who make a solemn commitment to never stop learning , so take many courses . Look for opportunities to acquire more knowledge. Always keep your mind open , fresh and free from prejudice, and never cease to strive to put into practice all the teachings you have gathered.


Professional success and personal happiness can only be found if we challenge ourselves, leaving our comfort zones from time to time.

And one of the most useful ways to expand your comfort zone is to do some kind of volunteer work . This will make you come into contact with realities that are different from the one in which you live, which will broaden your horizons and make you come across many different issues from those that pervade your day-to-day life. The natural result is that you grow as a person.

As if the pleasure from the feeling that we have done good to other people is not enough, we will also be helping ourselves.


One of the smartest ways to deal with the difficult things in life is to take full advantage of it. For example: the traffic in Lagos, Nigeria. Instead of just complaining about it, why not spend the hours we’ve been moving from one place to another with something useful and productive ? In that case, podcasts, radio or just good songs are an excellent choice. You can easily find them on your smartphone, on a wide variety of topics .


Just as in the previous case, investing in documentaries is always an excellent option, since it will contribute to your education and to your intellectual development . Look for documentaries of subjects that interest you – cinema, philosophy, wars, whatever – and devour them.


This is the time to visit that art exhibition that your colleagues have praised so vehemently. This is the time to visit that Chinese restaurant that has charmed critics. This is the time to go to an international cinema show . One of the most enjoyable ways to get out of your comfort zone involves discovering new places. Make it a goal to know unknown places – say every week or every fortnight.

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