8 Habits Of Highly Productive People

To grow in our career, productivity is essential. The digital age in which we live, however, tends to make this difficult, since we are exposed to numerous stimuli and distractions all the time. To help you develop your productivity, we make a list of the main habits of highly productive people. By the time you incorporate them into your life, you will surely have quite positive results .

1 # They Have A Positive Mindset

Your mindset consists of a set of beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors that shape the way you see yourself, the world, other people, things, and events. Our lives are determined by our mindsets, so selecting the mindset that best fits our goals is essential.

To succeed, you need to be a person that can stay positive when facing challenges.

Instead of nourishing the sense of frustration that tends to take us every time we believe we have failed in a particular issue, try to face the adversities that stand in your way as a stimulus to develop your creativity and to awaken in you a new ability to come up with innovative solutions.

Do not divide things up in terms of successes and defeats, but try to always see them in a more positive light. The obstacles you overcome will help you grow and become a better person.

Or, as Epictetus put it, “we can not choose the external circumstances of our lives, but we can choose how we react to them.”

2 # They Make Lists

Making lists technique will help you to work according to your priorities , without being distracted by minor issues. It will also lead you to exercise your ability to concentrate. The steps to follow are as follows:

1. At the end of each day, write down the six most important things you need to do the next day. Do not write more than six tasks.

2. Prioritize these six items according to their order of importance .

3. The moment you arrive in your work environment, focus exclusively on the first task . Work until you finish it before turning to the next task.

4. Do the same with the rest of the list . At the end of the day, if you have not finished some of the tasks, move it to the next list.

5. Repeat this process every day.

3 # They Do Intervals

When we focus on a single task for a long time, our productivity is hampered. In order to resolve this issue, take regular breaks – walk, have coffee breaks, or just meditate. You will return to work reinvigorated and prepared to achieve a greater degree of efficiency .

And when is the right time? According to Tony Schwartz , author of The Energy Project , we need to take a break every 90 minutes . Schwartz himself used this technique when writing his book, pausing for physical exercise and for socializing, and claims to have doubled his productivity.

4 # They Work With Difficult Tasks Before Lunch

Experts say that it is important to handle the most challenging tasks before lunch, at a time when our brain is still in perfect condition. This is a useful procedure for you to focus your mental energy on the priorities of the day, not to waste it on minor tasks. Other than that, it tends to make the rest of your day seem relatively uncomplicated .

5 # Don’t Dedicate A Long Time To Your E-mails

According to research by the University of British Columbia , those who check their email only three times a day feel much less stressed than those who check their messages the entire time . Although it is very easy to fall into the habit of checking your inbox dozens of times a day, productive people do it much less often . Therefore, it is wiser to avoid falling into this trap.

6 # They Make Exercise And Sleep A Priority

Exercising is essential for your concentration , for your happiness, and also for productivity . A University of Birmingham survey indicates that those who walk 30 minutes during their lunch time return to the office feeling even more motivated and able to cope with stress.

Similarly, sleeping about 8 hours a night is recommended. When we do not rest properly, our concentration, focus, and energy end up being greatly harmed, and this has a negative impact on all areas of our lives.

7 # They Limit Technological Distractions

We live in a world in which we are continually stimulated by technology . We have to deal with e-mails, text messages and social networks, among other things – and if we do not deal with them properly, they will drain our time .

The ideal is to turn off even the notifications of our cell phones, because they actually distract us. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology reported that even when we do not look at our cell phones when it vibrates, the sound itself causes our minds to wander.

8 # They can say “NO”

In order to preserve your sanity and increase your productivity , you need to learn to say “no.” Accepting all invitations you receive, such as engaging in all the projects you are invited to, is a big mistake.

When you agree on something just because you are afraid of being involved in a possible confrontation , you are putting your time, your energy and even your finances at risk. Learn to say “no” politely and take charge of your path.

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