I remain in PDP, Tony Nwaka says

Tony Nwaka, one of the popular commissioners in the government of Emmanuel Uduaghan has said in his Facebook post that he remains the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.

He once announced his plans to join APC but within days returned to the PDP.

And following the defection of Uduaghan there talks that he might join the train to APC.

He reacted this way:


Since I wrote my two recent posts, titled “THE CHANGING FACE OF THE POLITICAL FAMILY I KNEW” and “WILL OUR POLITICS EVER BE FOUNDED ON IDEOLOGY?”, it does appear like I left many people wondering where I really stand on the defection to APC of Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, former governor of Delta State. Several of my fellow PDP party members, friends and close relations have called to know what exactly is the message I was trying to pass. They wonder if I was contemplating moving finally to APC.

Honestly, I can understand the worry expressed over the essays. Apart from my recent 10 days sojourn on the fringes of APC, I admit that my literary techniques can sometimes render my thoughts amorphous. One may have to dig beyond the upper layers of my writings to fully grasp my thoughts. Now, if you add all that to the fact that I served as Commissioner throughout the eight years of Governor Uduaghan’s government, one would begin to understand why my reaction to his switch of party has become of special interest to many persons.

Let me restate for the umpteenth time that I REMAIN A FULL BLOOD PDP MEMBER. And I mean it. Yes, that’s because it has occurred to me that, in spite of the attractions the other political parties seem to hold, I just cannot, by my natural constitution and convictions, feel at home outside PDP; the party that made me what I am today. I tried leaving the PDP, as you all are aware, but my conscience just won’t let me be. Therefore, let it be known that I have no intention to leave the PDP again, whether now or in the future.

Permit me to say that I hold our former governor, H.E. Dr. E.E. Uduaghan, in the highest esteem. I mean, for a man that kept me as a Commissioner in his cabinet, all through the eight years of his regime, he truly deserves nothing less from me. Such is the reason his defection out of a party I love so much momentarily left me askance.

But a time comes in every man’s life when he must stand at the junction of history, and decide the direction of his future. I guess that is the situation presented by the current circumstances. In as much as I shall always remain profoundly grateful to Dr. Uduaghan for the glorious memories of yesterday, I have chosen to remain with the political family of PDP that nurtured our humble beginnings and provided the platform upon which today’s accomplishments were made manifest.

Accordingly, whilst I wish Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan well in the new path he has chosen, I shall remain steadfast with the PDP. Such loyalty and competence I demonstrated, for which he deemed it necessary to retain me in his cabinet for eight years, I have committed to give to the current governor, H.E. Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa. To deprive Gov. Okowa of the eight-years tenure enjoyed by his predecessors is definitely not consistent with my definition of equity and good conscience. Especially as Gov. Okowa’s developmental strides are beginning to manifest for all to see. So, PDP I am and PDP I shall remain.

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