Angry Man Runs Over A Crowd In China With His Truck: At Least 11 Dead

It happened in Hendong and the 54-year-old suspect, an ex-convict angry at society, was arrested by the police.

The killer, on board an SUV, rammed a crowd in a city in central China Wednesday night, causing at least 11 deaths and 46 injuries, according to local authorities, quoted by the Global Times.

The incident occurred at 19:35 (11:35 GMT) in a central square in the city of Hengdong, in the province of Hunan, when the suspect was launched aboard a Land Rover on a crowd. Police have arrested the driver of the vehicle, authorities said in a statement.

There were also unconfirmed reports about the alleged use of a knife by the attacker to continue his killing after the massive run over.

According to the Beijing News , the driver, Yang Zanyun, who was born in Hengdong in 1964, had already served several sentences for robbery, pyromania, violence and drug use. In total he spent 10 years in prison.

The police opened an investigation into the incident. Although have they ruled out the possibility of a terrorist attack carried out by the 54 year-old.

Local media reported that the ex-convict was “angry with society” and was seeking “revenge”.

Yang Zanyun, the 54-year-old driver who was arrested by the police (AP)

In addition, according to the site the attacker was diagnosed with stomach cancer and a heart disease.

China has recently experienced a wave of violence in its public spaces at the hands of people alienated from society and seeking retaliation with innocent people.

Although to a lesser extent, the country has suffered violent situations from separatist militants , especially in the western region of Xinjiang.


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